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Base Pricing

Equine Jeweled Designs headstalls are our most popular items.

Base pricing begins at $100.00 per headstall. This includes the browband and cheek pieces customized. We welcome you to send in your own headstall if you have a favorite needing customized! We ask that it be clean and in good condition or new.

You can't have an Equine Jeweled Designs headstall without a matching breastcollar!
Breastcollar customization starts at $100.00 but can vary depending on the intricacy and detail of the desired design. You may provide your own breastcollar to be customized as well.

Horse Hair Keepsakes

Horse hair keepsakes are a wonderful way to keep your near and dear faithful steed close to you at all times. Use keepsakes as keychains, shooflys or rearview mirror decor. EJD also offers a variety of bracelets, necklaces and earrings with a variety of braid types.

Bracelets: $60.00

Leather Cuff Bracelets start at $75

Necklaces: $75.00

Tassels: $40.00

Shooflys: $45.00

Earrings: $40.00

Treatment/Prep starts at $20.00


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