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Sales Policy

Equine Jeweled Designs accepts two payment installments on all orders, the first of which is a 50% non-refundable deposit. The balance on all custom orders must be paid within 24 hours after product completion and the customer has been notified with an image of the product. Failure to pay within the 24 hours will result in a 20% late fee. Failure to pay following 72 hours will result in customizations subject to public sale.


Equine Jeweled Designs is thrilled to offer any type of customization - whether it's equine tack, horsehair keepsakes, personal accessories or jewelry. Our items sell extremely fast, which makes it difficult to maintain an inventory. 95% of our items are made to order.

Lifetime Guarantee & Maintenance

We understand accidents happen. Equine Jeweled Designs is proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on all custom leather orders. Caring for custom orders is simple and easy. We highly recommend keeping baby wipes in your truck and trailer to quickly wipe down your gemstones after every use or when necessary. Routine "wipe downs" are the best way to to maintain custom order cleanliness. We use sterling silver on most all our items, so tarnishing may occur. In this case, silver polish is recommended. For leather cleaning, we suggest using Fiebing's Saddle Soap spray. For conditioning, we recommend 100% Pure Neatsfoot (non-compounded).

Equine Tack Sizing

Equine Jeweled Designs is proud to offer tack in all equine sizes, from miniatures to drafts. We encourage customers to provide all measurements, even for standard size equines. Measurements we take into consideration when building custom orders are:  browband, poll/crown piece, cheek pieces and throat latch. Lay each item flat and measure the length. Please do not provide measurements taken on curved/assembled tack.


Equine Jeweled Designs offers domestic and international shipping on all orders.

Matching Sets

Equine Jeweled Designs is delighted to offer complete sets, whether it's tack, accessories or jewelry. Customers have the option of ordering separately or all together. The challenge when ordering separately is that occasionally materials, including gemstones and spacers become discontinued between custom orders.

We encourage placing the complete set order at one time, and simply paying the necessary minimum deposit on each item.

Wait Time

Wait time for custom orders varies, but usually starts at two weeks. As of April 2019, wait time is up to eight weeks on certain custom items. If you have a specific deadline, please let us know so we can accommodate your event. The 2019 holiday cutoff for orders is October 31st (Halloween). We will accept rush orders after the 31st, however there will be an added fee, which will vary depending on your custom order. As of November 1st, 2019, all non-holiday orders placed will be completed in early 2020, unless otherwise specified by Equine Jeweled Designs.

Ordering Methods

Equine Jeweled Designs is happy to accommodate you on ordering.
Call or text us! 619.869.3272
Email us!

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While we do not accept returns, we do work with you to make your custom order exactly how you envisioned it. If something does not fit properly, we will adjust it for you.

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