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About Equine Jeweled Designs


We (Rosy, Roxy & I) are so excited you are here!

My name is Jacquelynn Holly, and I custom design equine tack, horse hair keepsakes, accessories, jewelry and so much more. I am a military wife, stay at home mom of two outgoing boys and a precious little girl.

I started a custom jewelry line in the year 2000 and Equine Jeweled Designs was later established when I wanted Rosy’s tack to match my own custom jewelry! I have worked extensively with silver and stones from all over the world and I absolutely love it!

Rosy has put her personal Equine Jeweled Designs’ custom pieces to the ultimate tests, which is why I am proud and confident to guarantee all my custom work for life.

Not only are Equine Jeweled Designs' customizations featured in show competitions, rodeos, parades, trail trials, and camping events throughout the United States, we also have numerous customizations all over the United Kingdom, Australia, France and Canada! We are proud supporters of Boise State University Bronco Girl and San Diego Police Department Riderless Horse, who both use full sets customized by Equine Jeweled Designs.

Thank you so much for visiting and I look forward to working with you!
Jacquelynn, Rosy (above left) and Roxy (above right)

Left to Right: Roxy, Maggie, Rosy

Roxy is the newest member of the Equine Jeweled Designs family, having joined our team in October 2017. Maggie belongs to a dear friend and originally an Equine Jeweled Design customer!  Rosy is my mule of nearly 18 years. She will be 23 in February 2019! All three gorgeous girls are modeling their own EJD tack.

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