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Payton ran for 2018 Junior Miss Rodeo Lakeside and was awarded Miss Congeniality and the People's Choice Awards.
During Horsemanship,  she used a complete custom tack set by EJD.
Throughout the pageant, she used two different sets of jewelry custom made by EJD.​

Payton ran for 2018 Miss Bulls Only Rodeo and was awarded Best Interview and Rising Star Awards. 

During Horsemanship, she used a white rose full set by EJD.

Payton is near and dear to EJD. We have watched her grow into a phenomenal young lady since she was 11 years old.

She can ride and connect with any equine, she has an incredible seat and most of all, she is the most genuine young lady I know. When EJD was commissioned to make her full purple set, it was an honor. This sweet little lady has such a wonderful heart and it such an wonderful opportunity to continue to be part of her life as she grows in California.

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